10 years of the Bear refuge - Kuterevo

10 years ago the first bear cub, Mrnjo Brundo, arrived to Kuterevo. Although he is not with us anymore, the other bears of the Refuge (Zdravi Gor, Ljubo Lik, Blago Zoo, Bena Zir, Huu Bear, Vlad Mir, Mlada Gora, Mladi Dol and Ivan Pavenka) remind us that kind of a people’s bear movement was born with his arrival to Kuterevo.

We celebrated the first ten years of the Refuge for bears and people on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June, with some talks, workshops and exhibitions. Because not everybody was able to join us for this gathering, we propose to you this online exhibition to go through some souvenirs, pictures and stories from these last ten years.